Flaxen Curls (flaxen_curls) wrote in worshipthelemon,
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What a Shame...

I was so excited to find this community! But then I discovered that it's been dead for quite some time. *sigh* You see, I too, have an unbridled love for Lemons. So I've decided to post something, in the hopes that it will inspire this community to shoot BACK to the top! And people will rejoice and post things about Lemons once again!

And just how do I plan on achieving this seemingly unattainable goal? Well, no less than three years ago my younger sister and I started a website. And yes, it's about Lemons. I sure as hell don't know why so don't bother asking. Anyway, I suggest you try the Lemon poker. I made it myself (sort of) and it's bittersweet. Without further ado, I give you: Lemons and Monkeys! (Just ignore the monkeys. That's what I do.)
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this community is quite bizarre.. and that is why I am a part of it
Heheh yes, I figured my post would fit right in. Doin' alright so far, and it's already been... 10 minutes!
I'm glad to know someone is still here reading it! ;)
haha. i started this community, but under a different lj name. i just made it on a whim, yet people (well, k, two) actually joined!


And yet you went to such length to create a background and everything! I hate when I click on a community and it just has the same crappy default look that LiveJournal starts with. Kudos to you! :P
haha. thanks! yeah, i made it when i was still obsessed with layout-making. i've long since given up and used pre-made ones. just takes too much time.